Free thinking and enthusiastic cooperation

Jurutera Perunding Tekadmaju Sdn Bhd (JPT) was established in the year 2009 and has traced its success when the firm and the key personnel have been productively servicing its clients efficiently.

Company’s Service

The company is a registered engineering consulting company with the Boards of Engineers Malaysia, therefore it is a certified consulting firm dedicated to provide civil and structural engineering consultancy services in general with specialized skills in bridge and geotechnical engineering, JPT today is an independent firm and has a dedicated team of experienced and motivated people.

Company's Specialization

JPT is made up of well experienced engineers with diverse backgrounds in their respective field, which enable us to provide a board range of professional engineering services. The firm has also engaged the services of specialist or associates itself with other professionals when the scope of the project requires inclusion of services beyond the normal experience of our in house expertise. The company workforce consists of professionals and semi-professionals working in a fully computerized environment to produce fast and accurate results. Hence, the management of the company came from very diverse backgrounds and have acquired highly specialized skills in a majority of engineering fields with a vast experience.